Using Ampersands for a classier Responsive Navigation Icon

It looks like everyone’s settled on the three horizontal lines for collapsed responsive navigation menus.  It’s good, it’s a great icon, very descriptive.

However, sometimes you want something a little more classy. Let me propose a new alternative standard, using a single, solitary &.

Here’s how it looks in action:

First, the full width navigation:

Edit Room's Menu, full width

The full menu, in a straight line.

Then, on smaller screens:

Ampersand Menu, closed

Screen actions in Edit Room, collapsed into a menu.

Clicking will (as usual) reveal a vertical menu, using the same markup as the full width menu, just some different CSS and of course JavaScript.

Ampersand Menu opened.

Screen Actions revealed.

So there you have it, a classy alternative. I hope to see this in wider practice on fine hand-crafted sites everywhere.  Mine may be a simple ampersand, but you’ll be able to use whatever typeface’s characters you like, and make some really nice ones.



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