Introducing Edit Room

Since the dawn of time, people have been asking the question “Where’s the editor for HTML5*?”

The giants of the industry have starting making noise about such things.  I’ve been quiet, but have started coding behind the scenes.  To me, there’s a bigger picture than just using new technology for the sake of new technology.  The web is about communication, and so is motion graphics.  The tech is starting to fall into place, but a major obstacle is the lack of authoring tools.  Many awesome javascript hackers (my inspiration!) have been doing amazing things in modern browsers, but where’s the tool for those who know how to design, and know how to animate, but don’t know programming?  Where’s the tool that knows all about page layout grids and good typography?

It’s time for a tool for designers that uses the native web and browser as a platform.

Introducing Edit Room.

My inspiration is the user experience of rapid desktop animation production in tools like After Effects, with the simplicity and user focus of the latest generation of smart web applications.  This will be a quality application that will be worth paying for, with attention to detail.  Things like all the desktop editor layout shortcuts you already know, all the key commands that make keyframe a breeze in After Effects.  Drag and drop media from the desktop to page elements.  Fully visual style editors.  Built-in smart typography.  Built with an innate understanding of how the artist wants to design and how the animator wants to move display elements.

The philosophy of this tool is Fast, Simple, Awesome.

My goal is to release a preview by the end of this year.  More details to come later, closer to release.

Meanwhile, check out some previews:

- Kevin

*Meaning of course the umbrella term of “HTML5/CSS3 Animations/JavaScript/Canvas/SVG/etc…”
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